Super Women’s of India



Recently I came across an article on Bloomberg which shed light upon few of the “Women Seaweed Harvesters” in India. Being a sailor myself, I can very well appreciate the unforgiving nature of the roaring seas and how difficult it is to perform any job related to sea, be it fishing, security, transhipping etc. These women come from beautiful South Indian state of Tamil Nadu and every day they risk their lives to sketch a better future for their family and children.

Seaweed Harvest in Tamil Nadu, India

Women’s who indulge in diving and finding the seaweeds, wake up at 0500 hrs to cook meals for their kids before going to work. Around 1300 hrs they bring the seaweed to the shore, remove the waste and stones, then separate the seaweed into piles for drying. When the merchant arrives, they give him the dried seaweed and he weighs it. A day of harvesting seaweed gives these women about 300-500 rupees(5-6$) a day with which they sustain their families.

The Global Warming effect

Due to the rapid rise in Global Warming levels, the sea levels in many parts of the world have increased substantially posing further risks and threats to these women. Most of these women are neither equipped with any lifesaving equipments and solely relies on mercy of the nature.

Another adverse effect to their livelihoods is due to global warming effects, the size and density of seaweed have shrunk to significant levels. A decade ago they were able to collect more amounts of seaweed and were able to earn more, but now the deteriorating sea conditions have made a huge dent on their daily incomes leading to loss of livelihood for some.

But I salute these ladies, who fight every day like a brave soldier to sustain their families. Such “Women Empowerment” is required in every strata of our society today, not the false idols like Greta Thunberg or Yousuf Malala.

9 thoughts on “Super Women’s of India

  1. Inspiring..💙..conclusion 😇..I wish you could avoided it because will personally don’t know them..right..?all through media..and we know how media works..!!
    again, it’s my personal opinion….it’s all up to you..I respect everyone’s freedom of thoughts and speech 😃

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  2. Thanks for sharing this article. The sea, as part of nature is so unpredictable, and the danger of working in or near the water is never understood unless you have experienced it.

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