Communism was able to set foot in Kerala as early as in 1930’s owing to movements lead by the local peasants and labour community. Later, the Communist parties were able to establish a strong foothold in region with the help of radical section of the anti-colonial native Muslims in the Malabar region which eventually led to rise of fascist regime in the region.

For years now the systematic movement of ethnic cleansing started in the state with Hindu Dharma at the receiving end of it. In the recent past, the region is not only proactive in actions against Hindu Dharma but also funding and providing valuable human resources to different International Terrorist Organizations like ISIS,   Al-Qaeda etc.

“Love-Jihad” in Kerala

Love Jihad remains an “alleged effort” by Muslim youths to convert non-muslim community girls/women to Islam for many big media houses and newspapers, but the ground reality is shocking and an eye opener for Hindu community. According to media reports, many non-muslim girls were forcefully converted to Islam and were sent to different parts of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq where the caliphate(ISIS) was operating. Now many of those girls/women are in the jails of Kabul, Syria pleading to Indian government for their safe return to their home states.

Similar type of incident was brought to limelight from a Kochi Marriage Registrar office, where almost 72 cases with Hindu or Brahmin girls/women of age between 18-30 years were married to Muslims youths who are indulged in petty jobs like Coolie at Railway station, Construction workers etc. Such extent of ethnic cleansing is prevailing in the state that soon Hindu dharma will be completely eradicated.

On similar grounds, a forum of Catholic Bishops representing Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala have accused that scores of Christian women in Kerala are being lured by the Muslim youths on pretext of love or marriage and are forcibly converted to Islam. The Church even stated that the Christian girls/women are even being killed in the name of Love Jihad and accused the Police and Local Administration for not taking cognizance of the rising cases of such forcible conversions and killings in the state.

A statement was given by junior Home Minister G Kishan Reddy in the parliament that – “The term “love-jihad” is not defined under the extant laws. No such case of “love-jihad” has been reported by any of the central agencies.” After reading several media house reports about Indian women’s in Kabul jail, data leaked from Kochi registrar office, serious concern by the Syro-Malabar Church, this statement from the government official rather seems preposterous in present scenario.

Increasing footprint of Islamic State in Kerala

A small group of survivors which emerged from the remnants of the Al-Qaeda in Iraq under the leadership of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in 2004 led to chaos and destruction in the larger parts of Iraq and Syria, popularly known as ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). Since the uprising of this group in 2013 across the international circles, it has attracted youths from all across the globe to join the caliphate. In Bharat, the hotspot for the ISIS recruitment was Kerala where several news related to Kerala Muslim youths joining the caliphate have emerged in recent past.

When Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi got killed on 26 Oct 19 and American forces along with other rebel groups were able to recapture the larger parts of Syria and Iraq from the ISIS grip, the fighters got disintegrated into rather small modules which are now operating in different parts of the world. Now many of these youths and women want to return back to India which could be catastrophic for internal security as intelligence agencies suggests that many of them would work as sleeper cells for the caliphate thereby strengthening the IS module in Bharat.

Recently the UN report on terrorism has warned that there are significant number of ISIS terrorists in Kerala and Karnataka. According to the reports ISIL Indian affiliate(Hindu Wilayah) has between 180-200 operatives active in Bharat. Delhi Police on 22 Aug 20 captured an ISIS operative from Central Delhi’s Ridge Road area, who was planning lone wolf attacks on national capitaL. Recently 09 terrorists belonging to Al-Qaeda Pakistani module were also captured of whom many belonged to Kerala. This news validates the UN report and is a wakeup call for our security agencies against the rise of ISIS in India.

Killing of RSS activists

This fascist regime in Kerala is slowly killing the RSS activists who are working for betterment of Hindu culture and society in different parts of Kerala. Between 2000-2016, in Kannur district alone many politically motivated murders were registered. Data available shows that there have been 160 political murders since 2000, where the person belonging to Hindu dharma and RSS activists were targeted by the perpetrators.


The Central Govt. is taking considerable efforts in West Bengal where the condition has deteriorated to the level that the proceedings of festivals like Durga Pooja, Diwali are being hampered by the other local communities and even the local administration. Central Govt. is determined on bringing changes in the state and efforts are quite visible. The UN report has already suggested the extent of spread of radical Islam in the Kerala state, but still no efforts are visible by the central govt. to curb this menace. A state which is slowly turning into a heaven for the terrorists and ethnic cleansing is on rise, it’s time for Central Govt. to interfere in the workings of the State administration and push the state govt. to bring in “Anti-Conversion” laws or India Freedom of Religion acts that are enacted to regulate religious conversions.

In recent times Munambam, Kochi has become a hotspot for illegal migration into foreign countries like New Zealand. Munambam was used as a major transit point by LTTE for trafficking refugees to Australia and other countries when it was active and now it is being used by mafias to illegally migrate people to various countries. Munambam is preferred by the mafia since more than 300 fishing boats are operated from the harbour everyday and there is no system to track them and due to absence of CCTV or any other tracking mechanism, criminal and illegal migration activities are on a rise in the area. Intelligence inputs suggest that if the authorities fail to set up fool proof security along the coasts, they could be used by terrorists and anti-national forces to carry out their illegal operations and carry attack in India equivalent to 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. Further considering all the facts above, the intelligence agencies need to increase their footprint in the region and efforts to be made by central govt. to revive the dying Hindu population in the region.

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