The most common misconception which is being spread that Corona Virus treats us equally whether we are rich or poor, but in fact it doesn’t neither on medical front nor economically, socially or psychologically. Everyone these days is bit exited and optimistic about life post this lockdown, a world free from COVID-19. Posts related to “Post Lockdown Shenanigans”, “Post Lockdown trips & parties” are trending over all social media circles from Facebook to Twitter, entire world is hopeful for a better tomorrow. But are we going to see a new dawn or life is going to change forever for many. There are so many questions but only few answers, let’s find out how the world economic bodies or labour organizations foresee the life after lockdown.

Changing World Scenario

The world had become a chaotic place even before the spread of COVID-19, with rising of ISIS to extermination of Rohingyas in Myanmar to violent anti-govt. protests in India against CAA, NPR and Farmers bill.

Since the COVID-19 lockdowns world has been following big protests and skirmishes across the globe:-

  • India-China Border Dispute
  • Black Lives Matter movement in USA and across the World
  • Armenia-Azerbaijan Border Dispute
  • Protests in Hong Kong against Chinese Govt.
  • Protests in Thailand against Monarchy
  • Protests against Govt. in Belarus
  • Protests against Govt. in Israel
  • Protests by Farmers in India
  • Protests by Climate Change NGO’s in Germany against use of Fossil fuel
  • And there are many more going on in different parts of Africa, Asia and Western World

According to a count, there have been 100 large anti-govt. protests across the globe since 2017, from the Gilets Jaunes riots in a developed nation like France to demonstration against strongmen in poor countries such as Sudan, Bolivia to fighting against alleged rights for citizenship in developing country like India leading to heavy casualties. About 20 of these uprisings toppled leaders, while several others were brutally crushed and some were intervened by COVID-19, simmering until the next opportune moment post lockdown.

Predicted Economic Aftermath

The International Labour Organization has warned that this pandemic will destroy 195 million jobs worldwide and will drastically bring down the income of around 1.25 billion people of which mostly belong to low income category.

Large reduction in labour force are foreseen in the Arab states(8.1% equivalent to 5 million full-time workers), Europe(7.8% or 12 million full time workers) and Asia & Pacific(7.2% or 125 million full time workers).

Huge losses are expected across the globe within different income groups but especially in upper middle income countries(7.0%, 100 million full time workers), far exceeding the effects of the 2008-2009 global recession. More than 04 out of 05 people (81%) in the global workforce of 3.3 billion are currently affected by full or partial workplace closures.


People across the globe have lost their dear ones, jobs, homes and now even struggling for one time meal. With lockdown measures, rise in frustration and hunger of people, the world may have to pay a very heavy economic and social price for this pandemic. After the COVID-19 subsides, it will be interesting to note what economic measures will be taken by govt. with all their economic wells already dried up.

Many predict that this boiling pressure and exasperation will give rise to revolutions across the globe with dire consequences. The test of leadership lies ahead in front of the governments. After all one of the leader said –

“We know how to bring the economy back to life. What we do not know is how to bring people back to life.”

President Akufo-Addo


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